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How to Maximize Your Grace Period

Written by Tim Peak on March 3, 2012.

Most (but not all) credit cards have something called a grace period. That’s basically a window of opportunity for you to pay off your balance before you start getting charged interest on it. In other words we’re talking about a real freebie you should leverage to your own financial advantage. Maximize your grace period and you instantly minimize the amount of hard-earned cash you have to fork over to the credit card company.

The grace period typically begins on the billing date and lasts for between 21 and 25 days. At the end of that time frame your card company begins tacking on interest charges.

No, not all credit cards offer a grace period, so that’s a feature you should investigate by asking your bank or card company. If yo

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What is the Discover card’s grace period?

Written by Oliver Laker on February 4, 2011.

A: Sure. You didn’t mention which Discover card you have, so I will go over the grace period for their most common cards. As of January 2011 they are as follows:

Discover More This is their most popular card which gives 5% cash back in rotating categories. The grade period for the Discover More card is 25 days after a billing cycle closes (with the exception of billing cycles that begin in February, in which the grace period is at least 23 days).

Discover Escape This travel rewards credit card gives a full 2% rebate on every dollar you spend. Its grace period is the same as the More card.

Discover Miles This is their no annual fee travel card that gives 1 mile per dollar. The same grace period rules apply.

Discover Open Road It gives double cash back at both gas stations and restaurants. T

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