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GSM/GPRS-based machines launched by ATM maker NCR

Written by Oliver Laker on February 13, 2011.

ATM machine manufacturer NCR Corp has come up with a set of four new GSM/GPRS-based machines. The motive behind the introduction of these new machines is to add on to the rising opportunities from the financial inclusion of the government.

The new machines also include two real time cash depositors which are aimed at increasing the penetration of the cash dispensation market.

“These launches further establish our commitment to this market, which by the number of our employees, is already the second largest market outside our home market US,” NCR India Managing Director Jaivinder Gill said.

Apart from ATM manufacturing, the company also ventures in retail, travel and marketing software solutions for the banking industry. It has also come up with a service named NCR Aptra e-Marketing software.

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