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Deal of the Day: Golden Belt Bank Auto Loan at 2.50% APR

Written by Tim Peak on May 23, 2013.

Securing an auto loan is typically not the first thing a new car shopper does, but it can potentially be the most important part of the buying process. Finding a loan at a great rate can save you thousands of dollars in finance charges over the life of the loan. Often times, shoppers will leave this process up to the car dealerships,but lenders dont always have their customers best interest at heart.

Golden Belt Bank auto loan rates have a low interest rate of 2.50% APR, which is much better than the national average on the market today.

Golden Belt Bank Auto Loan Terms and Conditions

The interest rate of 2.50% APR for a Golden Belt Bank auto loan is available on newer automobiles with a model year of 2010 or later.

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How to make payday loan processing smooth and fast

Written by admin on April 7, 2013.

When you need money quickly, you may realize that this is the hardest thing to find. But there are exceptions, payday loans. These short term loans were specifically developed to help people to overcome temporary financial problems. It can be used to pay bills between paychecks or until you get an expected benefit. They are not supposed to be long-term loans, but can work perfectly if you want to build a credit history, because you should make payments fast.

Where can you take out a loan?

There are a variety of financial institutions involved in lending direct lender payday loans on holidays. You can choose between banks, credit unions, loan stores and online payday lenders. All lenders have different programs and eligibility standards. Read Full Text…

Rogue loan sharks face shutdown from OFT

Written by Oliver Laker on January 2, 2013.

ROGUE lenders, including those offering payday loans, will be able to be shut down immediately under new plans announced by the Government.

Norman Lamb, the Consumer Affairs Minister, said that the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has been given the power to suspend a company’s credit licence immediately if there is “an urgent need to protect the interest of consumers”.

At present, companies can continue to trade while they appeal the decision to suspend the licence, and the appeal process can last for up to two years.

Mr Lamb said that customers can suffer “significant harm” during this time.

“This will put a stop to those companies who exploit vulnerable consumers whilst dragging matters through a slow legal process. It will also give a boost to legitimate businesses, with the swift suspension of unscrupulous traders,” he said.

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How to Qualify for Bad Credit Car Loan

Written by Blake Teen on April 9, 2011.

Acquiring a car loan can be more complicated if you have bad credit. This is because many lending companies strictly require good to excellent credit. Furthermore, you may find that the lowest rates are reserved for those with above average credit.

Hence, if your credit score needs improvement, you may need to take extra steps to improve your chance of getting approved. In this article, let’s discuss the steps you can do before applying for a bad credit car loan.

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