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U.K. scientists have warned that the internet protocol used to provide security to personal information during online banking, credit card transactions and on the social networking website Facebook has “major weaknesses” due to which personal details of users may get intercepted by hackers.

The protocol which is used to secure personal information online is called the Transport Layer Security and is used by numerous people daily for conducting their online transactions. It is particularly useful in providing security during online banking transactions, credit card transactions etc. In addition to it, email systems in offices of large firms also use it. The flaw which has been identified leaks small packets of information to hackers, which can be used to construct a complete picture of the information being sent.

On the matter, Professor Kenny Paterson (Information Security Group) of Royal Holloway University, who conducted the research said, “While these attacks do not pose a significant threat to ordinary users in its current form, attacks only get better with time.

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SkyOne Federal Credit Union is a top-notch financial institution that understands the importance of making sure its members have access to the best certificate of deposit rates on the market, whether looking to borrow or save.

Its for this reason that it is currently offering one of the best certificate of deposit rates out there. Members who act today could take advantage of an amazing 0.79% APY 12-month CD rate thats too good to pass up.

Savings Account: Terms and Conditions

Members of SkyOne Federal Credit Union can acquire these high competitive certificate of deposit rates by opening a 1-year CD account then depositing a minimum of $10,000. The rate is available to individuals who deposit a maximum of $24,999. Once

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Written by Dave Perry on February 4, 2013.

Credit.coms Co-Founder and Chairman Adam Levin was called on by NBC to clear up the facts on the new credit card swipe fees that can now be passed on to consumers in 40 states. He explains the chain of cost is incurred from the credit card companies to the merchants and ultimately the consumers. He highlights that all stores that put this practice in to effect must state it clearly with a sign and on a receipt that credit card users are being charge a checkout fee. Its noted that debit card users will not be affected by the additional fee.

The new surcharge also got the attention of Good Morning America. He explains that most large retailers and service providers wont be charging their customers an additional fee for using credit.

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The £40,000 cost of borrowing on credit cards

Written by Oliver Laker on February 2, 2013.

Do you know how much interest you’ve paid on your credit cards since you got your first bit of plastic?

Most of us have probably never bothered to find out. After all, it would involve quite a lot of work – collecting together all your statements, which probably go back several years, then identifying the interest charges and adding them all up.

Someone who did go to the effort was Samantha Womack, the former EastEnders actress. When she was interviewed by The Sunday Telegraph last year, she said: “I don’t use credit cards now. I had them as a young adult and I didn’t even look at the interest rate.

“So when I was older and I had all my leftover statements, I totted up how much interest I’d paid and felt physically sick.”

In fact, figures collated by this newspaper suggest that many borrowers end up wasting almost £40,000 in interest on credit cards. Of

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Do you long to own an expensive watch? Or perhaps harbor a secret childhood fascination with Dick Tracy’s two-way wrist radio?

The time is nigh, my friends. Prepare to strap on the arm-candy of your dreams. Well, close to your dreams anyway.

This April, U.S. banks that use the TransCard prepaid system will unveil the Watch2Pay, a wristwatch with a removable SIM card that tells time old-school (analog) but pulls off contactless MasterCard PayPass prepaid purchases with a flick of the wrist.

While no one is likely to mistake it for a Rolex, the Watch2Pay can certainly lay claim to expensive-watch status. That’s because qualified users are allowed to exceed the modest contactless payment limit with a simple tap and PIN entry to complete the purchase of, say, a Lamborghini, a Cezanne still life or a flat-sit in Budapest, all through their wristwatch (and a healthy account balance attached to it).

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