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Visa Launches, a Simple Online Payment Solution

Written by Tim Peak on January 28, 2013.

For the longest time now, the only trusted name in online payments has been PayPal. I use it to make purchases, pay employees, monitor money, etc. Now it appears that Visa is trying to get in on the action with the launch of is a special program that allows for one-click checkout with specific online retailers. No more having to worry about entering personal information about your credit card on the internet. Visa stores all that for you. The question is whether or not it actually works.

Lets take a look at Visas new payment option to see if it is something you might want to sign up for. is a safe option for making payments online. Essentially all you have to do is enter your name, address, and credit card details into the system, and Visa will store them for you.

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Credit Card Surcharge Fees: Why You Shouldn’t Worry

Written by Oliver Laker on January 28, 2013.

As of Sunday, retailers can now levy a surcharge on consumers who use credit to make their purchases. The surcharge, up to 4% of the transaction, has consumers up in arms. But should we worry that this is another profit grab? Not necessarily.

How the surcharge works

Credit card networks – Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover – charge retailers a fee every time a customer uses a plastic card bearing their logo. Debit cards command the lowest fees, while high-end rewards credit cards command the highest.

  1. The pass-through cannot be more than what the networks charge the retailer
  2. The surcharge cannot exceed 4%, even if the retailer pays more than that
  3. Some states prohibit credit card surcharges, so the new charge is illegal there

How the surcharge came about

The reason that you may now pay an additional fee is that retailers – from mom and pop shops up to Target and WalMart – sued Visa and MasterCard for collaborating to set these fees artificially high. The fee

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Brace Yourself for Smaller Paychecks

Written by Dave Perry on January 27, 2013.

If you’re paid weekly or bi-monthly, you may have already noticed a smaller paycheck this January. Otherwise, if you’re paid monthly, you’ll soon notice a slight decrease in your pay when you’re paid at the end of the month.

For a couple of years, employees have enjoyed a 2% decrease in social security tax. Therefore, your pay has been a little higher. Unfortunately, the temporary decrease has expired and the regular social security tax rate (6.2% of wage earnings under $113,700) has been reinstated. Your monthly pay could be up to $183.50 lower than what is was in December.

People who received a salary increase this year may not feel the brunt of the increased tax. However, your pay increase won’t be as significant as you thought since more of it will go toward taxes. And, for those whose pay didn’t increase this year, your paychecks will be a little smaller than last year.

Use your budget to see how the 2% tax increase will affect your spending.

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Credit card surcharges now allowed, but retailers hesitate

Written by Blake Teen on January 27, 2013.

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Weekly Business Overview 25th January 2013

Written by Oliver Laker on January 26, 2013.

Credit Card’s Business News Overview is a segment that takes a look back on the business-newsworthy week that was. Gathering reliable business and financial newsworthy stories from Australia’s top news distributors – The Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Telegraph, The Australian and many more, the Business News Overview aims at keeping its readers in-touch with the world by redistributing information in a short and concise manner for your reading pleasure.

Super Fund Pulls Tobacco Investment

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HESTA Super Fund, the superannuation fund for health and community services workers is the latest fund to dump its investment in tobacco. HESTA chief

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