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Don’t Leave Your Wallet in an Unlocked Car

Written by Tim Peak on March 18, 2011.

If you want to keep your credit cards safe, don’t leave your wallet in an unlocked car. Last year, there was a news story of anOhio woman whohad two credit cards stolen from her wallet after leaving it in the glove box of her unlocked car. She was only in the store for 15 minutes, but the thief managed to make a $400 charge on her card in less than two hours.

Leaving your credit cards in your car is rarely safe, but if you have to leave them there, lock them in the glove box or trunk. When you return to your car, check to make sure your wallet and credit cards are still there and report them missing immediately if they aren’t there.

It’s a good thing the bank had this victim’s accurate contact information. That allowed her to find out the cards were missing before the thief was able to do more extensive damage.

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