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How Debt Happens

Written by Tim Peak on April 30, 2011.

You won’t find yourself drowning in debt simply because you used your credit cards a few times. In fact, you can use your credit cards regularly and still keep your head above the murky debt waters.

What does lead to debt is using credit cards and other debt instruments (e.g. loans) unwisely and unnecessarily without paying your debt bills accordingly. There are five specific spending habits that lead to debt. Avoid these and you’ll have a much better financial life.

  • 10 Signs of Credit Card Debt
  • Good Debt vs. Bad Debt
  • Do You Have Too Much Debt
  • Personal Growth and Development Over the Next Six Months

    Written by Blake Teen on April 30, 2011.

    If you dont do something different, your life is going to be exactly the same in six months.

    Thats what I told one of my Never Be Stuck students. I had given her some homework, and she didnt want to do it. She wasnt ready. Her website wasnt up. It wasnt the right time.

    Youve heard all the excuses. In fact, youve probably given all the excuses. I know I have!

    In fact, I kept waiting for the perfect time to get back into the shape I was in during college. But there will never be a perfect time not for anything.

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    Corp Bank puts photos of defaulters on hoardings

    Written by Oliver Laker on April 29, 2011.

    In a major step to bring willful defaulters into repaying their loans, public sector lender, Corporation Bank has adopted a new method to shame them. The bank has now started putting the photographs of defaulters on their hoardings.

    So far some banks used to publish only names of defaulters in newspapers, but Corporation Bank has decided to go a step ahead in this regard.

    “We put up the photographs of willful defaulters in our branches and on hoardings. We are not doing anything illegal because at the time of disbursement of loan, we obtain the photographs of borrowers and an authorization which allows us to take action if there is a default,” said Ramnath Pradeep, chairman of the bank.

    He admitted that identifying willful defaulters is not an easy task.

    “We give them enough notice and enough opportunities to start repaying.

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    One of my favorite parts of the 14-Day Credit Challenge is the buried treasures lesson because it gives students an opportunity to have massive personal growth and development.

    You see, when I teach people how to find their buried treasures, I also give them a financial tip about changing their mindset. After all, finding money wont change your life if you rush out and spend it frivolously.

    Instead, I give them a financial tool for personal growth and development.

    Its called the Hour Factor™ question.

    Let me explain ¦

    Instead of considering price alone, always consider the Hour Factor™ before making a purchase. The Ho

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